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         Глюки в работе ИК-порта под Win'98

  1. Если при установке связи S25 -> PC (Win'98) возникают какие-то проблемы, первое, что нужно попробовать - установить на РС MS IR Monitor 2.0.
  2. Если это не помогло, можно отредактировать IR установки вручную:

     There are a few slight differences between windows 95 and windows 98 when it comes to Infra Red communications.

     Win98 introduced a new IrDA comms subsystem, which has the unfortunate effect of stopping some Ir software from working correctly.

     All is not lost though - it is a relatively simple process to convert the 98 IrDA system back to one similar to 95.

     Please note : although this is pretty easy, and relatively safe, we are editing windows configuration files, so be carefull !

  1. Open Control Panel, and select the Network applet. You should have an infra red network device listed in there. Select it, then hit remove. Click OK on the network box - it should then ask you to reboot. Say 'No' at this point.
  2. Browse to c:windowsinf (I'll assume that win98 is installed there, if it isn't go to the relevant place).
  3. Locate the file MSPORTS.INF. Make a backup copy of it.
  4. Double click it, it should load it into Notepad.

     Find the following sections, and remove the comments ( ; ) so that they look like this :

%*PNP0400.DeviceDesc% = LptPort, *PNP0400 ; Printer Port
%*PNP0401.DeviceDesc% = EcpPort, *PNP0401 ; ECP Printer Port
%*PNP0500.DeviceDesc% = ComPort, *PNP0500 ; Communications Port
%*PNP0501.DeviceDesc% = ComPort, *PNP0501 ; Communications Port
; No; *PNP051x devices are now supported in IRMINI.INF
%*PNP0510.DeviceDesc% = InfraredComPort, *PNP0510 ; IR Communications Port
; %*PNP0511.DeviceDesc% = InfraredComPort, *PNP0511 ; IRCommunicationsPort

MS = "Microsoft" Std = "(Standard port types)"
PortsClassName = "Ports (COM & LPT)"
*PNP0400.DeviceDesc = "Printer Port"
*PNP0401.DeviceDesc = "ECP Printer Port"
*PNP0500.DeviceDesc = "Communications Port"
*PNP0501.DeviceDesc = "Communications Port"
*PNP0510.DeviceDesc = "Generic Ir Serial Port"
;*PNP0511.DeviceDesc = "Generic Ir Serial Port"

     Save the file and reboot. Windows should now redetect a Generic Ir Serial Port

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